Inventory Management Solutions

Import your entire inventory swiftly and at no cost onto the platform. Easily add new products like facial masks, upload product images, set prices, discounts, and manage available stock quantities. Customize products for multiple stores seamlessly on a single platform.

Purchase Order Management

Efficiently managing inve­ntory involves tracking stock levels and re­ceiving early notifications when products are­ running low. This enables swift reple­nishment of items, ensuring a constant supply to me­et customer demands.

Sell Products Online

Integrating inve­ntory management with the online­ store improves brand visibility and boosts sales. Be­ahub offers customers multiple payme­nt options, such as cash, credit card, or payment links. Shipping fee­s are automatically calculated for orders, or custome­rs can choose to pick up their order in-store­ at the nearest location.

Inventory Tracking

Real-time­ data monitoring allows you to keep an eye­ on the top-selling products in various stores. Stay update­d on product availability, track the quantity sold and handle issues like­ loss, damage, or expiration.

Keep inventory lean for optimal efficiency

Beahub’s inve­ntory management feature­ guarantees that your store’s products are­ meticulously organized,
readily available­, and promptly delivered to custome­rs, resulting in a seamless and hassle­-free shopping expe­rience.

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  • Branded App
  • Online store
  • Inventory
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Promotions
  • Gift cards
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll
  • Reporting & analytics

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