Inventory Management

The multi-location inventory management feature prevents stockouts and overstocks, syncs inventory information, and manages expiration dates, ensuring readily available inventory to meet customer demand at each location.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyzing sales data from multiple stores helps you identify customer shopping trends and determine best-selling items, allowing you to develop more effective marketing and inventory management strategies.

Brand Identity

Imagine customers recognizing your brand and loving it everywhere they go. BeaHub makes it happen, fostering trust and loyalty that leads to more sales.

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Personalization at Scale

Track customer habits and preferences with personalized appointment integration. Automatic notifications and reminders create a natural, interactive experience, while personalized marketing based on purchase history strengthens relationships and boosts retention.

Staff Allocation

BeaHub matches staff levels to each location’s needs, giving you flexible schedules and a happier, more productive team.

Data-Driven Decisions

No more guessing! BeaHub shows you exactly what’s happening in each location, so you can make data-driven choices that boost your business.

Key features

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  • Point of scale
  • Online store
  • Inventory
  • Customer tracking
  • Promotions
  • Gift cards
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Payroll
  • Reporting & analytics

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