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Tired of Medspa chaos? BeaHub is your new BFF. Our Medical Spa Software covers it all so you can focus on what you do best. We help to streamline appointments and put client profiles at your fingertips to save your time. And with easy billing, you’ll have more time to pamper your clients and grow your spa empire.

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Effortless Appointment Management

Manage appointments efficiently. BeaHub simplifies this process with advanced scheduling features:

  • Streamlined Scheduling:

    Easily schedule consultations, treatments, and follow-up visits with a few clicks. Our intuitive calendar view ensures proper allocation of time and resources.

  • Automated Reminders:

    Reduce no-shows and improve client satisfaction with automated appointment reminders via email and SMS.

  • Real-Time Availability:

    Clients can book appointments online based on real-time availability, reducing the back-and-forth communication.

Cost Control and Profitability

Balancing costs and maximizing profitability is essential for growth! BeaHub provides tools to help you achieve this balance

  • Expense Tracking

    Monitor and manage your expenses, including staffing, equipment, and supplies, to stay within budget.

  • Revenue Insights:

    Generate detailed reports to analyze revenue from treatments and product sales, helping you identify profitable services and areas for improvement.

  • Real-Time Availability:

    Clients can book appointments online based on real-time availability, reducing the back-and-forth communication.

Efficient Staff Scheduling

Smooth operations with BeaHub’s staff scheduling

  • Dynamic Staff Rosters:

    Create and manage staff schedules with ease, ensuring optimal coverage and minimizing conflicts.

  • Shift Notifications:

    Keep your team informed with automatic shift notifications and updates.

  • Time Tracking:

    Track staff hours and attendance to streamline payroll and improve accountability.

BeaHub is a smarter way to manage your salon

Manage your revenue, payoffs, appointments, clients, multiple branches – all in one app!

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Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas.

I think BeaHub is designed excellently. It’s completely personalized to suit salons and nail bars, which makes it so user-friendly. The color codes make it easy to navigate, and the stock reports make stock-taking much easier. Our business is run more efficiently using this software.

Kate Mc Donnell, Owner

I was really sold on all the features that BeaHub had. From SMS to rewards, they had it all!

Nailbar by Kate, Ireland

We discovered BeaHub, and the business felt like it started to run itself. It just streamlines the whole process so that my bookings are always full.

Owner of The Greatest, Spa Annie Swift

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right medical spa software involves assessing your specific needs, considering features like appointment scheduling, client management, and billing, and ensuring it aligns with your budget. It’s essential to research and compare options, read reviews, and request demos before making a decision.

Medical spa software can benefit your spa by streamlining operations, improving appointment management, enhancing client communication, simplifying billing, and providing valuable insights through data analytics. It ultimately leads to improved efficiency and a better experience for your clients.

Current trends in the medical spa industry include the adoption of advanced technology like AI and telemedicine, a focus on personalized treatments, an emphasis on wellness and holistic health, and eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Yes, medical spa software can enhance the client experience by offering easy appointment booking, personalized services, automated reminders, and secure access to their treatment history. It allows for a more convenient and tailored spa visit, increasing client satisfaction.

Absolutely, with Be­ahub software, students can convenie­ntly pay for their yoga classes, membe­rships, and other offerings online. This make­s handling payments a breeze­ for them.

Beahub’s gym manage­ment software has comprehe­nsive features for sche­duling and appointments. Instructors can easily create­ and manage schedules, confirm appointme­nts, and handle customer information. Students can conve­niently book appointments online, vie­w schedules, update pe­rsonal information, and make online payments. The­ software ensures a se­amless and user-friendly e­xperience for both instructors and stude­nts.

Salon manageme­nt software offers efficie­nt solutions for managing appointments, customer data, staff, inventory, and provide­s visual reporting. By utilizing software like Be­ahub, you can save time in managing appointments, calculate­ staff payroll effortlessly, and boost employe­e productivity. Importantly, this software enhance­s the overall customer e­xperience at your spa.

Yes, you can use salon management software to effectively manage your employees. With beahub, you can schedule shifts, track hours, manage commissions, and evaluate employees. Additionally, the software can manage payroll and employee records.

Yes, salon products and services may be paid for online securely with beahub. It improves client satisfaction and streamlines salon financial administration and payment options.

To find the best salon software, you should consider the essential factors like features and cost. Beahub has unlimited functionalities and is much cheaper than competing applications. This ensures that you get all the necessary functionalities without breaking the bank.

Beahub’s manage­ment software caters not only to small salon busine­sses but also offers additional support in interior de­sign for clients aiming to establish new salons.

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Manage your revenue, payoffs, appointments, clients, multiple branches – all in one app!