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BeaHub Onboarding Process

Embark on Your BeaHub Journey: Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a seamless transition to our spa management platform. From account activation to app development and beyond, we guide you every step of the way to unleash the full potential of your spa business. Let’s dive into the details of our onboarding process:

Step 1: Account Activation

Before delving into the full suite of BeaHub’s features, the first crucial step is activating your account. This not only grants you access to our platform but also ensures seamless continuity for your spa’s operations. During account activation, we prioritize the setup of your payment method for future billing.

Let’s get started together.

    1. Navigate to Merchant detail page from the profile picture on the site’s top right corner
    2. Add Payment method to make future subscription payments on Payment method tab


Merchant detail page - Payment method tab

Merchant detail page – Payment method tab


Add Card for future billing charge: Click “Add” button > Add Card info > Save Card



  • Users can make a card as default or delete it (navigate to the three dots icon then select Make default or Delete option)
  • Users can add as many cards as possible, the default one will be auto charged when a subscription billing incurs.

Step 2: Branded App Development

With BeaHub, customization isn’t just an option – it’s a cornerstone of our service. We understand the importance of aligning your digital presence with your spa’s brand image. That’s why our app development process prioritizes your vision, offering a spectrum of customization options for app design.

From choosing your spa’s signature colors to integrating your logo and imagery, our platform empowers you to shape every aspect of your app’s appearance. Whether you’re aiming for sleek and modern or warm and inviting, we provide the tools and flexibility to bring your brand to life in the digital realm.

By harnessing the power of branded tablet and mobile apps, you not only elevate your spa’s professional image but also foster a stronger connection with your clients. Seamlessly integrated with BeaHub’s suite of features, your branded app becomes a gateway to unparalleled spa experiences tailored to your clientele.

Branded Mobile App

Step 3: Merchant Settings Configuration

As you embark on optimizing your spa’s operations with BeaHub, configuring your merchant settings becomes a pivotal step towards tailored excellence. In this phase, we focus on fine-tuning essential parameters that shape your spa’s unique identity and operational efficiency.

Setup Products and Services Category: At the heart of your spa’s offerings lie its products and services. BeaHub empowers you to categorize and organize these offerings with precision and ease. From skincare treatments to wellness packages, our intuitive platform allows you to structure your offerings in a way that resonates with your clientele, facilitating seamless navigation and personalized experiences.

Booking and Order Policies: Clear and transparent booking and order policies are essential for fostering trust and confidence among your clients. With BeaHub, you have full control over setting up policies that align with your spa’s operational standards and client expectations. From cancellation policies to booking secure options, our platform ensures clarity and consistency in every interaction, enhancing the overall client experience.

Staff Payroll Policies: Your spa’s success relies on the dedication and expertise of your staff. BeaHub simplifies the management of staff payroll policies, allowing you to define compensation structures, commissions, and incentives with precision and flexibility. Whether it’s hourly wages, earnings-split-based bonuses, or commission tiers, our platform ensures fair and accurate compensation for your hardworking team members.

By prioritizing the configuration of merchant settings, BeaHub empowers you to create a spa experience that is not only seamless and efficient but also reflective of your spa’s unique identity and values. Let’s embark on this journey together, shaping a spa experience that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your clientele.

Step 4: Business Information Submission

In the journey to unlock the full potential of your spa with BeaHub, the submission of comprehensive business information serves as a cornerstone. This step is crucial for establishing a robust foundation that aligns with your spa’s unique identity and operational needs.

Business Profiles: Your spa’s profile is its digital storefront, offering a glimpse into its essence and offerings. With BeaHub, you have the opportunity to showcase your spa’s story, mission, and values through a meticulously crafted profile. From your spa’s history to its unique selling points, our platform enables you to create a compelling narrative that resonates with your clientele.

Product and Service Offerings: Central to your spa’s success are its product and service offerings. BeaHub empowers you to showcase your spa’s offerings with clarity and precision. Whether it’s rejuvenating skincare treatments or indulgent massage therapies, our platform allows you to highlight each offering’s benefits, pricing, and availability, ensuring that your clientele can easily discover and book their desired services.

Locations: For spas with multiple locations, managing and showcasing each location’s unique offerings and amenities is essential. BeaHub provides you with the tools to create and manage location profiles, allowing you to highlight each location’s address, contact information, operating hours, and service offerings. This ensures that your clientele can easily find and access the services they desire, no matter which location they visit.

Staff List: Your spa’s staff members are the backbone of its success, embodying its values and delivering exceptional service to your clientele. With BeaHub, you can create and manage a comprehensive staff list, showcasing each staff member’s expertise, qualifications, and specialties. This not only fosters transparency and trust but also enables your clientele to connect with their preferred service providers, enhancing the overall client experience.

By prioritizing the submission of comprehensive business information, BeaHub empowers you to create a spa experience that is not only seamless and efficient but also deeply resonant with your clientele. Let’s embark on this journey together, shaping a spa experience that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your clientele.

Step 5: Demo and Launch

As you approach the final phase of your BeaHub journey, we prioritize an immersive and personalized experience to ensure a seamless transition and successful launch for your spa. Our demo and launch process is designed to empower your staff and location managers with the knowledge and confidence they need to maximize the benefits of BeaHub.

Face-to-Face Demo for Staff and Location Managers: We understand the importance of hands-on training and face-to-face interaction in fostering understanding and proficiency. That’s why we offer personalized, on-site demos for your staff and location managers. Our experienced trainers will guide your team through the intricacies of BeaHub, providing real-time demonstrations and answering any questions or concerns they may have. This personalized approach ensures that your team feels confident and empowered to utilize BeaHub to its fullest potential.

Launch Support and Assistance: Following the demo, our support team is on hand to provide ongoing assistance and guidance as you prepare to launch BeaHub at your spa. Whether you need help configuring settings, importing data, or troubleshooting technical issues, we’re here to ensure a smooth and successful transition to BeaHub’s platform. Our dedicated support team is committed to your spa’s success and will work tirelessly to address any concerns or challenges that may arise during the launch process.