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Calendar & Scheduling Appointment

Dashboard and Appointment Tracking

In first log into our Business Application, your location manager will be exposed to Dashboard screen with an intuitive shop layout view. From here, the manager can visualize appointment slots, allocate resources, and optimize staff schedules with ease.

  1. From top navigation menu, select Dashboard to review the total of serving and upcoming appointments of a shop
  2. Click Appointment tab to open upcoming appointments of today
    1. Click an appointment to open the Appointment detail page
    2. On the Appointment detail page, click Check-in button to open Check-in page
    3. On the Check-in page, add/remove customers, adjust time (if needed), select staff and facility for each service of each individual.
    4. After checking in, the appointment is transferred from the Appointment tab to the Serving tab on the Dashboard page. 
  3. Click the Serving tab to open appointments being served. 

For each appointment, shop can do the actions as below:

  • Click View detail button on the top right corner of each booking  adjust a booking (change staff/ facility) if needed
  • Click View more to see all services
  • Click Start to start a service
  • Click End to finish a service
  • Click Payment to record payment for the booking


  • When a service is started, shop cannot adjust serving time, staff or facility
  • In a booking, a staff or facility cannot be booked at the same time (on Dashboard – Serving tab)
  • For each customer, each service can be served one by one but not at the same time
  • The Payment button is only shown on Dashboard – Serving booking when all services of the booking are finished

Book an Appointment

  1. From Appointments listing page, click Add button on the top right corner of the page to open Appointment booking page
  2. Add necessary information and click Next to open the Select service screen. Note: For existing customers, only need to input their phone numbers.
  3. Select one or more services for each individual then click Next to open Select date and time page
  4. On Select date and time page:
    • Select booking date and time for each individual
    • Select staff for each service if needed
    • Add/ remove service if needed
  5. Add notes (if any) then click confirm to complete the booking

Managing Appointments

  1. From navigation menu, click Appointment to open the Appointment page
  2. Navigate between tabs to view appointments listing on Calendar view (Current day, week, month), List view and Waitlist
  3. Click on an appointment to open the appointment detail page

How to read appointment status and type?

From Appointment listing in Calendar view, you can check appointment status and type via its color and icon:

  • Appointment colors by status: Green (Confirmed); Orange (Check in); Gray (No show); Canceled (Red)
  • Appointment icon by type: Individual (no icon); Group (Group icon)