Transform Your Fitness Studio Operations with BeaHub

Running a fitness studio comes with a unique set of challenges.
From balancing complex class schedules to engaging and retaining members,
every aspect requires precision and efficiency.

BeaHub is here to streamline your operations, enhance client experiences,
and foster a thriving community. Discover our comprehensive solution:

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Seamless Class Scheduling

Creating and managing class schedules is no longer a juggling act. BeaHub’s intuitive scheduling tool ensures you can

  • Effortlessly Coordinate Classes:

    Optimize class times to meet member demands while maximizing instructor availability.

  • Resource Allocation:

    Make the most of your facility’s resources with intelligent scheduling that prevents overbooking and underutilization.

  • Real-Time Adjustments:

    Quickly adapt to changes in real time ensuring your schedule is always up-to-date and accurate.

Streamline Staff Operations

Managing a diverse team is crucial for smooth operations. BeaHub provides robust tools to

  • Organize Staff Schedules:

    Easily manage varying schedules, ensuring all shifts are covered seamlessly.

  • Automate Payroll:

    Handle different payroll structures with ease, reducing errors and administrative burden.

  • Track Attendance:

    Monitor staff attendance with real-time metrics, helping you assure timely check-ins and automating shift time calculation.

Enhanced Client Engagement

Engage and retain your members with personalized experiences and effective communication. With BeaHub, you can:

  • Personalize Interactions:

    Schedule automated messages for reminders, promotions, and follow-ups, ensuring consistent engagement.

  • Automate Outreach:

    Schedule automated messages for reminders, promotions, and follow-ups, ensuring consistent engagement.

  • Loyalty Programs:

    Implement and manage loyalty programs that reward and incentivize long-term membership.

Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Create an environment where members are eager to return and invite others to join. BeaHub helps you

  • Organize Events:

    Plan and promote events that bring your community together.

  • Custom Branded App:

    Offer a personalized app experience where members can book classes, track progress, and stay connected with your studio.

  • Gift Cards:

    Allow members to send gift cards to their loved ones, encouraging their circle to join your community.

Try BeaHub

Empower your fitness studio with the ultimate management solution. BeaHub streamlines your operations, engages your members, and builds a loyal community. Start your journey towards a more efficient and vibrant fitness studio today.

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I think BeaHub is designed excellently. It’s completely personalized to suit salons and nail bars, which makes it so user-friendly. The color codes make it easy to navigate, and the stock reports make stock-taking much easier. Our business is run more efficiently using this software.

Kate Mc Donnell, Owner

I was really sold on all the features that BeaHub had. From SMS to rewards, they had it all!

Nailbar by Kate, Ireland

We discovered BeaHub, and the business felt like it started to run itself. It just streamlines the whole process so that my bookings are always full.

Owner of The Greatest, Spa Annie Swift

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